Overseas Partners & Donors

Overseas Partners & Donors

Siddhartha High School was founded in the year 1995 as a charitable institute with the support of some oversees non profitable organizations, without them the school would have not a successful institute for the children from many remote places of Ladakh. More than half of students are being sponsored by them. Also they have been major donors for almost all the school infrastructure and resources.

Siddhartha School Partnership, USA

Siddhartha School Partnership in the USA is the major organization where they sponsor over 200 students for scholarships as well as for some students they also pay hostel costs. There are over more than 200 sponsors and donors which they have been supporting the school in many ways. Besides sponsoring the scholarships for the students they have donated for many infrastructural resources, like in recent year they have donated for multipurpose hall and newly built hostels for both boys and girls and buses for the students’ transportation. They raise funds every year and endowments for the teachers’ salaries and keep the strong sustainability for the purpose. Its headquarter is in Portland, Maine.

Les Enfants du Sourire, Switzerland

Les Enfants du Sourire based in Switzerland is one of our main partners for supporting children in their education who can’t afford to meet annual tuition fees. They have been sponsoring the poor children at the school over the decades. Currently they are sponsoring 22 students for their scholarships. They have also donated one school bus. Ms. Severine Pont is the head of the organization and coordinates with the other sponsors regarding sponsorships.

Sothi Asssociation, France

Sothi Association is our new group of sponsors based in France and currently sponsoring 05 students with the scholarships. They are also sponsoring students in other schools too. They are with us from last year supporting those five needy students for their education. The association is headed by Mr. Sonam Dorjey and his French wife Ms. Berengere Guillon