We have a very big library with the size of 38 X 48 feet and with total of 4739 books, 358 references, 1890 non fictions, 877 fictions, 848 easy chapters, 393 books in Bodhi (Tibetan), 374 books in Hindi and other daily, fortnightly and monthly newsletters and magazines. Every class has a special period of library where a student can read any kind of books and journals do their research in assignments given to them.

Class Rooms

There are two blocks of thirteen class rooms. Southern Block with Nursery, LKG, UKG and Class 10th with the size of approximately 785 square feet of each class room.

Northern Block with Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 with the size of approximately 280 square feet of each class room.

The strength of students is 30 at the maximum, so there is no division of any class into section.

Science Laboratory

Science laboratory is with the size of 852 square feet and is well equipped with all the apparatuses and necessary equipments and safety equipments and materials like gloves, wax paper, pipette, measuring apparatuses, safety goggles, etc  so that students can attain the best of the knowledge of science through their practical assignments. Our science laboratory is combination of all the branches of science, i. e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We have two of our best senior science teachers and one laboratory assistant who are in charge of the laboratory and make the students do their practical works properly.

Computer Laboratory

We have a computer laboratory with the size of 30X46 feet with 40 computer systems which includes both desk tops and lap tops  and are completely updated time to time.  We have one computer teacher with well qualified degree and from Class 1 to 10 have computer classes everyday and they can learn the fascinating world of computer and everything related with computer in this beautiful laboratory.


Play Ground & Fields

We have a nice play ground for the little ones with all kinds of kids playing items. We have one big ground for the purpose to play football and cricket, we have volleyball and handball ground near our hostel blocks. Students participation in traditional and modern games, workshop  to promote their potentialities through sports, education, to eradicate social evils prevailing at present among the Ladakhis through awareness and education. Our students love to participate on ground games makes then both physically and mentally active and helps gain more confidents.

Khenzur Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan Multi Purpose Hall

It is in the name of our dear founder Khenzur Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan

The construction of multipurpose hall is donated by some major donors from the Siddhartha School Partnership, USA.

 The foundation was laid on 25th of May, 2017 and inaugurated on July 2019. It is very big hall with the size of 121 X 54 feet which has sitting capacity for 500 to 800 people. It has a big stage, with semi anechoic walls and ceilings and special lighting system. It’s been a long needed project for multipurpose functions, events and activities. We organize all kinds of events and conduct exams there at the multipurpose hall.

We are very grateful to all the donors from SSP, USA for such a beautiful and useful hall.  


The school has couple of beautiful hostels for both boys and girls, with the capacity of 30 students in each hostel, total for 60 students. The boys’ hostel is in the name of Lord Buddha’s father name ‘Suddhodana House’ and girls’ hostel is in the name of Buddha’s mother name ‘Mayadevi House’. There are 6 rooms with 12 X13 feet in both boys and girls hostels. There are two wardens, one female warden for girls and one male warden for boys with one foster mother to look after the children all the time whenever hostels are open. The vision to build the hostels is “Home away from home” by our supporters of SSP, USA. The purpose of the project is to give a residential help to the students of Siddhartha High School, who live in a very far and remote places of Ladakh. The boys’ hostel is fully donated by one of SSP’s major sponsors Ms. Corie Tappin and her family from Malibu, California. The girls’ hostel is donated by SSP, USA and Go Campaign, a national nonprofit organization based in Santa Monica, California.


Each bus have one driver and one conductor to help the students pick up and drop off from their concerned bus stop safely.

Currently school has seven buses in service for the students and teachers to pick up and drop off with different routes (mentioned in the bus fee structure). All the buses have all kinds of safety measurements, safety kits, and name of the school with the number of principal. The school has quite a wide range of it bus services, almost all parts of Leh and its outskirts with very low bus fee. Beside seven buses five is donated by SSP, USA,

Beside the buses we have one Bolero Camper and Bolero Car for official use of the school, one is donated by Les Enfants Du Sourire (Switzerland).


Toilets and sanitization is must for any school. There are two blocks of toilets in the school. We have two separate local toilets for boys and girls in junior section along with washroom and toilet for guests. Another block is near senior class block, three local toilets for boys and male staff and three local toilets for girls and female staff.