Journey towards excellence


LITERARY COMMITTEE: Literary Committee is a group teachers appointed by the principal in every academic year. The purpose of the group is to organize different co curricular activities according to the academic annual calendar. They organize different activities and competitions occasionally like essay writings, debate competition, quiz competition, singing and dancing competition, Children’s Day, elocution competition, rhyme competition for primary classes, art craft competition and many more. Besides their main stream academics, it is important for the students to know the current affairs going in daily life, to know more than what they are being taught. It really builds the confidence of a student to know his or her skills and talents, to let out what is hidden inside a child. They organize either class wise or house wise.

Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary committee is a group of five teachers, two senior teachers, two junior teachers and physical education teacher. The purpose of the committee is to maintain discipline among all the students during school hours. They check whether the uniform of a child is neat and clean, haircuts, nails, etc. during the morning assembly. Besides that they also teach the students how they should behave with the teachers as well as other elderly people. They check whether a child is doing and any misconduct which breaches the rules of the school.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a compassion based program focusing on peaceful conflict resolution and emotional health. It is also a pillar of Siddhartha High School’s curriculum. It was first introduced by Ms. Sophie Langri in the year 2016 and then constantly been visiting the school every year for a short period of time to teach SEL along with her colleague Ms. Danielle Marquis to both teachers as well as students.  Ms. Sophie Langri  a Canadian citizen is the co-creator of an innovative social emotional learning (SEL) program known as the CS3 Approach, that is core skills in the three domains of ”Me”,” You” and “Us” and the co-founder  the Institute of Social Emotional Education. She is also the wife of Dr. Thupten Jinpa (main translator of His Holiness the Dalai Lama).

Dr. Jinpa appreciates Siddhartha High School to introduce SEL in the school.

SEL Committee is a special group of teachers formed, advised by Ms. Langri to report her SEL development at the school every month. The Committee has 8 members, including both the hostel wardens headed by the principal. The committee meets very often with the reports by each member with the development in the students. They discuss with each other with student’s behavioral changes, their problems with privacy, without imposing positional power. There are some basic but important and helpful materials introduced by Ms. Langri to help learning SEL and its values. We have a charts of “I FEEL” and “I NEED”, where a in first one there are many emotions  that a child feels and there are needs according to those feels where we can observe, what state of mind a child is in. There is another chart called “Emotion Thermometer” where we can know how we feel everyday with different emotion. The chart has three main elements, the volcano, the tree and the iceberg.

The usage of chart is explained in the other side of the emotion thermometer.